Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scenes from Saturday

Texter, Lady K and I spent Saturday afternoon hiking a bit and visiting the local dams.  So I thought I would show off some of the scenery we saw on our journey.

Love the signs they post on so many of the trails

The bluffs along the river are fascinating

The dark skies and the yucca/agave against it

Loving the birch trees in the area.  They are so white. 

Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me invite them home for dinner. 

More tree bark

Pronghorn antelope on the drive out to Ryan and Morony Dams

Despite the fact it looks like you are driving out on a plain, don't look down.  You are higher than you think.

Another view of the Missouri from the road to the dams.

More cliffs, these near Ryan Dam.

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